Dr. Eugene Clark Library

Summer Reading Club Awards

This year's virtual Summer Reading Club was a resounding success! In the books category, 1,186 books were read! In the minutes category, a total of 75,677 minutes were read! Let's acknowledge this year's top readers:

Top Readers in Books Challenge

Alex DeLeon AND Reid Glaze tied for first 176 books each!

Emi Ann Moreno 89 books

Elena Munoz 88 books

Trevor Martinez 80 books

Connor Stephenson 64 books


Top Readers in Minutes Challenge (7-17 yrs)

Abigail Burnett 2740 minutes 

Daniel Morales 2160 minutes

Shekinah Bryant 1955 minutes

Top Readers in Adults Challenge (18+yrs)

Sheila Taylor 4534 minutes 

Amber Zamora 3900 minutes

Crystal Glaze 2600 minutes

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Summer Read Club! We look forward to seeing all of you all next summer! Stay safe and keep reading!

And Mrs. Briana made a video. Click here to view it.